Math frustrating you?
Children struggling in school?
Need to brush up for college classes?

Tim, the Math and Science Guy, is here to help!

Why choose a private tutor?

One-on-one instruction and attention is priceless. Each student has a singular set of characteristics: different background knowledge, a predominant learning style that may vary from subject to subject, a range of interests, and distinct parental support and expectations. That’s why I offer personalized lessons for each student.
My goal is not only to help you or your child academically but also to be an overall good influence – perhaps helping in relieving anxiety about something in school, a particular class or situation, or even providing some wisdom about life in general.

Meet Tim: A Day in My Life

Each day begins with a cool glass of water and meditation and hatha yoga. I believe that positive daily affirmations are the best way to start the day. Now that my body and spirit are warmed up, I nurture my wellbeing by enjoying fresh, wholesome fruits and grains. My days can be long and I like to make sure my body is up to the task!

Currently, I am attending UNLV as a Computer Science major. My goal is to obtain a Ph.D in Bioinformatics to help society sort the masses of biological data being generated every day. I have a core belief that the more information we have the better off we will be not only as individuals but as a society as a whole.

My goal is to engage students through guiding questions. I believe this method empowers students to grasp lower level understanding with higher level critical thinking. With a great attitude and a prepared mind anything is possible. Let’s achieve together!


Feel free to email, call or text me with any questions you may have. If you’d like references, just ask and I’ll provide them.

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  • North Las Vegas

Tim is a star! Reliable, capable, and knows how to rip through a session without losing the attention of the student.Cheryl M.